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When "Have You Read Nevada" launched in 2015, it was just a simple way to get trans folks to read Nevada. It worked, and three iterations later, it's back online. But Nevada was released in 2013. The trans literary world has changed immensely since then. Now, we have speculative fiction anthologies, erotica collections, graphic narratives, and full-length novels. We have a field filled with trans authors, artists, producers, and publishers that's only just getting started.
But we also have a lot of work ahead of us. While novels and short story collections are reaching the New York Times, trans game developers, zine artists, and adult content creators are largely ignored. Despite a growing library of work from trans people around the world, the same few books are continuously passed around the community (mainly from Topside Press) while others' hard work remains unseen. And our most influential literary communities continuously center white, middle-class trans people while ignoring QTPOC writers, poor trans folks, rural trans creators, and trans people living outside of North America and Europe. Where are they supposed to go to see themselves?
I want to use this site as a reference point so any trans writer who wants their work shared—and any trans reader who wants to read said work—can have a place to see themselves. It's not perfect, but it's a start. I hope it gives us the push we need to fix our community's problems.
— Ana Valens, May 2019

How does this work?

How does this work?

This list contains trans literature. This means every work below was written by a trans person and tackles issues pertaining to trans peoples' lives. It's not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point to find new artists—or catch up on your favorites.
To keep things simple, I'm limiting submissions to a) fictional and semi-autobiographical stories, and b) works that are finished or in their final state. As long as it meets that criteria, it's fine. That includes video games, Twines, chapbooks, etc.
The list itself is curated by me, Ana, and I'll generally update it in batches. If you have any questions to run by me, shoot me an email at:

The List

Send in submissions via the Google Form. Self-promotions are more than welcome!
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