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Hi! It's Ana here.

On June 2, MCD announced it will be reprinting Imogen Binnie's Nevada in fall 2022.

This is fantastic news, and not at a moment too soon. As some visitors to the site may know, getting a physical print of Nevada has been very difficult over the past few years. Several of the physical storefronts linked out in this website 404'd for copies of Nevada. Others had a listing, but were out of stock.

As is sadly the case with small press publications, when the original publisher vanishes, the work that originated from it becomes harder to access. The reprint for Nevada assures a new group of readers will be exposed to this incredible book.

Given Nevada is now changing hands from one publisher to another, I've decided to remove the downloadable iterations of Nevada from this site. If you've ever enjoyed the novel, or if you're eager in supporting Binnie, please keep a close eye on MCD and FSG Originals' news for the Nevada reprint.

Nevada is officially back in stock, I'll update the website with its physical store listings.

Thanks again for all the wonderful love and support. This website has been "handed down" across three different owners now, and it's an honor to be the third.


Eventually you can’t help but figure out that, while gender is a construct, so is a traffic light, and if you ignore either of them, you get hit by cars. Which, also, are constructs. — Imogen Binnie

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